Friday, March 30, 2007

Fonzworth Bently 3'07

Fonzworth Bently hosting the Boost Mobile Stomp the yard at cau


I had a great shoot w/Badu we shot about 500 frames she was mad cool.

TI&Too Short

TI&Too Short xmas night at Visions '06

50 promoting movie on Bet 68'05

Sax Player

Susan Taylor 3.27.07 San Jose,Ca.

Susan Taylor dropping some knowledge

Red Alert 3.29.07

Red Alert was mad cool he got stopped twice on the street during our shoot. We talking ATL not even NY he's truly a Hip Hop legend.

Stedman Graham 3.29.07

Stedman telling the audience to be themselves even though he knew they labeled him as Oprah's Boyfriend.

Freeway in the booth Atl,Ga. 3.23.07

Freeway's verse on this track was crazy produced by Don Cannon

Freeway@Studio in Atlanta

Monday, March 12, 2007

Jim Jones&Santana Bet Awards

Jim Jones and Santana at the BET Awards when he did this song the crowd went nuts look at the audience doing the BALLIN Dance it was insane!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

DJ Tabone

Ying Yang Twins


Bishop Smith

I've gotten hired alot to photograph Bishop's and Minister's and I really dig it. I get the chance to fall in their world.

b/w fur

Kenny Rogers@Chastain7'06

Kenny Rogers *The Gambler* this show was cool to shoot I dig Kenny Rogers he was real smooth and had the crowd laughing the entire show w/his dry wit.

Me shooting Scar Purple Ribbon Artist


Cloris on Traintracks

Thursday, March 8, 2007

B/W wedding



Melvin Van Peebles

One of my heroes I was hired by HBO to photograph him.

nina simone mccollum

Miles McCollum'07

My son getting his grown man on!


Lil Kenny Burns

kenny's son was down for reppin the next generation!

Kenny Burns aka DMC'06

For this shoot we needed a Hip Hop look for a book Kenny Burns is Mr. Hip Hop ol skool new skool he holds it down!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

nina simone mccollum

nina getting her dessert on!


crimemob videoshoot

This member of crimemob had a marley look although he was super crunk his look reminded me of one of Bob Marley sons.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Jeezy@BET Awards

Jeezy@BET Awards

Busta Rhymes

Heal the HOOD SHOW

Jagged Edge Video shoot

R.Ali 107.9 Personality

Sleepy Brown

DRE3000& Killa Mike

Backstage Vibe awards

Jeezy,Luda&Big Boi

This was backstage at the Vibe awards


Miles McCollum

Lil Jon Crunk King

This photo tells the story of Lil Jon being on top of the Atlanta music scene.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lil Wayne Videoshoot 12'06

This was between takes and everytime they said action he would become this incredible actor and between takes he would remain cool. I digged how the camera kept swiveling around and when it stopped it landed at a angle near him.


This rapper was a very intelligent kinda guy the stylist put him in a suit and I found this store front church he just happen to have a bible w/him.

Shondrae Producer

Shondrae has produced for everyone from Ludacris to kelis song (Im Bossy) he has a different style and everytime we shoot he's down for doing something different.