Saturday, June 30, 2007

me shooting ATLA Album cover

Me Shooting

me@Shootin the Breeze Artist Talk

Shootin the breeze Talk

me on the last day giving out candy Ghana

Ghana 6'07

Delta Guy

Ghana 6'07

Monkey Man 6'07

This man was playing w/this monkey while we ere on our way to Cape Coast I ran to the front of the bus and took several shots!

Cape Coast,Ghana 6'07

Cape Coast,Ghana 6'07

Cape Coast,Ghana 6'07

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Kids of Ghana 6'07

I never seen kids so happy so rich in spirit!

6.21.07 chiefs on the Village

The Elders of the village are the chief they were very kind men!


me w/the kids I felt the love

Ghana 6.21.07

The Kids of the village

Ghana 6.20.07

These women were amazing carrying these 50 pound tubs of water. At first they didn't want there picture taken but by day 2 they warmed up to me and allowed me too photograph them one of these ladies was 5 months pregnant.