Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dr. Ben Chavis

Vince Phillips,Jason Orr&Brian Barber

All three brothers are sucessfull in there fields Vince BME Records,Jason Funk Jazz Kafe,Brian Barber, Outkast movie

Farrakhan exits the building

I was so close I had the choice of shaking his hand or getting this shot u see which one I chose.

Farrakhan Speaks!

N'dea Davenport

DJ Toomp& Teddy Reily listen@Farrakhan

Farrakhan waits while being introduced

Dr. Ben Chavis introduces Minister Farrakhan

Muslim Sister

This sister caught my attention she was so regal and attentive

Killa Mike apologes

It was a beautiful moment when Killa Mike Humbly spoke from the heart telling Miniter Farrakhan his faults as a rapper. He choked up numerous times gaining support from his fellow rappers. Farrakhan was so touched he said I feel that more of u rappers in the room feel the same way Killa Mike feels but are afraid to speak up.

Farrakhan 10.14.07 Justins


This is one of my favorites

b/w farrakhan 10.14.07

farrakhan was amazing to be in such close distance to him felt humbling. I felt like if I was a photographer in the 60's it would be the same as photographing Malcolm X.

Minister Farrakhan 10.14.07

Today Minister Farrakhan spoke at Justin's restaurant aka Diddy's spot it was a round table discussion all the atl. elite music people were there from DJ Toomp Producer,Brian Barber film maker,Brian Michael Cox producer,Cee lo,Killa Mike,Chuck D, Professor Griff,David Banner and a host of music execs. it was a honor to photograph the honorable farrakhan I shot over 300 frames. I honestly could have heard him speak all day.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dancers do a african Dance for India


We were having to much fun!

India B'day Party 10.5.07

india Mom sings Happy B'day